Canine Behaviour Practitioner

Do you have stressful walks or have unruly moments at home?


Enrichment and their need to carry out natural behaviours


Improve the bond between you and your dog


If you are seeking help with your much loved fury companion, then you are most likely at the end of your tether. I totally understand. I will not judge or criticise. Sometimes feeling the need to ask for help is the hardest part. I am here to help and support you.


I am committed to supporting only positive reward based methods that do not involve force, fear, domination, or intimidation. All dogs need kindness and some may require gentle guidance in becoming balanced and happy. I can help you to enrich your dog's life by gaining a mutual understanding between you. By using up to date, science based techniques, together we can improve the bond between you and your dog. The key to success is to understand what your dog is saying and how to respond.

The majority of canine communication is exhibited through silent conversation and their use of body language. Many behavioural issues are as a result of missed communication and confusion as a lot of their signals are only present for a fleeting moment. It may be that your dog is stressed or anxious about something. This can then affect their ability to think and cope. Could your dog be in pain? It is their natural instinct to hide pain as showing a weakness can make them vulnerable. If your dog is displaying a sudden onset of an unusual or aggressive behaviour, he could be uncomfortable, frightened or anxious.

NEVER IGNORE A GROWL... A growl is a form of communication. Your dog is trying to tell you something and there will be subtle signs that precede the growl. An ignored growl can easily become a bite next time. Never tell a dog off for growling, whatever you are doing,  step away and seek professional help.